Talent Acquisition & Retention

There was just an article that was released I just read that says the US finally recovered all jobs lost in the recent recession.


We are in a recovery mode and still have a lot of work to do as a country/economy but this is still great news..... well except for certain organizations that have taken advantage of the past 7 years.

Allow me to explain. Too many organizations' motivating factors were "be happy you have a job in this economy" for the past 7 years. This fear tactic actually has led to increases in productivity with lower staff levels (the tired "Do more with Less" style of human capital management.)

 Now that the market is changing and employees may realize they have options. How to you retain talent?

Lets look at what Google is doing or already did in 2011!


Thats right Google gave its employees across the board 10 Percent Cash Raises in 2010, effective Jan 2011. 3 years ago! Google rewarded employees for thier hard work, and took care of them so they would not defect to Facebook and others. This is called Talent Retention.

Now I am not saying every company can be a Google. You know the Best place to work according to studies!! But companies need to do something because blood is in the water, and the smart companies will be poaching top talent. This is called Talent Acquisition.

Of course there are other examples of both talent retention and talent acquisition but the point of this post is that there is a square dance about to transpire. With top talent entering/testing the market, will your organization, team or company be the poacher or the poached?

Let me know your thoughts!

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