Google "Glass" in the Mirror


I am very perplexed. Am I the only person who reads contest rules even if its just a glance?

Those are the cached rules for the #ifihadglass application to be selected as one of 8000 to preview google glass.

I see lots of people on both Google+ and Twitter who are very excited to be admitted into the google glass explorers program. You know the program outlined in the terms of the application which specifically states its $1500 PLUS APPLICABLE TAX! Since you can only pick up in one of 3 locations New York City, Los Angeles or San Francisco its also been outlined that you have to pay your way to get to one of those 3 sites to pick up the glasses after you have paid for it with your own credit card online. In New York City you would have to pay $1,633.13 for the glasses, in San Francisco or Los Angeles you would have to pay ~$1,635.

You also have to travel to the google location and pay your own way to get there. So you have to add in Travel and Expenses to get to NYC, LA or SF. This isn't a prize, you arent getting something for free, you are getting exactly what you signed up for!

Which is what confuses me from some winners who are complaining about not being able to pay the $1500(which is really over $1600 when uncle sam gets his cut plus Travel and Expense). Its a shame really. Hundreds out of the 8000 "winners" that will not be able to participate thus taking spots from people who actually took the time out to read the rules and would have made better choices for the simple fact they can follow rules/instructions.

My guess is that within a couple of weeks, Google will start out by asking people to pay the $1500+ applicable tax at a secure web site. Those that don't pay after a few days will be removed from the program and hopefully others asked to join.

I really admire those that have won and are trying to get the funds together in creative ways. There is a group on Google+ and you can follow the hash tag #glassexplorers on twitter.

Yet again, I am very Perplexed at those who think they have "won" something and never had any intention of really participating in the program. Unless they thought Google would just give away the glasses to the 8000. Eh I guess $12,000,000 is a drop in the bucket for Google what with all the free publicity they are getting from this.

I know what I am going to do with the Google Glasses, and I know a lot of peers that if selected would have done some awesome things with them. I think there is hope for them in a second chance drawing, once these people that "applied" but didn't read the rules' credit cards are declined.

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